Let's build something that matters.

Wayne Chang and I are building Digits, a real-time finance
engine for modern businesses. Join us!

Jeff Orlowski, Tristan Harris, and I collaborated to create
The Social Dilemma. Watch it on Netflix!

Wayne, Rich Paret, and I created Fabric (acquired by Google in 2017). It powers apps across ~5 Billion active mobile devices.

Wayne and I created Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter in 2013). It's the most popular crash reporting tool for iOS and Android.

Kimber Lockhart and I created Increo (acquired by Box in 2009).


The Mechanics and Psychology Behind The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma, a years-long passion project from Jeff Orlowski and the Exposure Labs team, just premiered on Netflix this past week, and to my amazement and delight it has quickly jumped onto the Top 10 list this weekend.

The film masterfully intermixes drama with sit-down interviews with myself and a dozen other former social media execs, in hopes of communicating the (often subconscious) consequences of the world’s growing dependence on social media for news and entertainment.

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Let's be Transparent about Transparency

I am a big believer in transparency in business.

Done right, transparency promotes open and collaborative work environments. It fosters team trust and communication. And it promotes cultures where intellectual honesty and data-driven decisions supersede politics and excuses.

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The Role of the Founder/CEO: You Have One Job

Most people have a certain image in their minds when they think of a founder/CEO.

They picture the boss in the corner office, standing behind her desk, gazing out over the city. They imagine someone calling all the shots, and everyone relying on their insight and wisdom — a visionary who is never wrong. They fear being grilled, berated, and guilted into working long hours — inevitable top-down command-and-control.

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One Founder, Both Sides of the M&A Table

January, senior year, Stanford. Jeff Seibert and a couple of his friends start casually building collaboration software. Nothing fancy. Nothing serious. At least not until casual conversations turned into a seed round from DFJ and an official launch complete with TechCrunch coverage mere days before graduation. That’s one way to rocket launch a career.

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Startup Life

I've started and sold two companies — Increo (acquired by Box in 2009) and Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter in 2013) — I've invested in 50+, and I'm lucky to personally advise some incredible, passionate founders.

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In Front of the Camera

From speaking about data privacy, startups, M&A, and fundraising, to deeply technical topics like high-scale message queueing and continuous deployment, I've appeared in Netflix documentaries, lectured at Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, and keynoted conferences such as Twitter Flight (x2), AppsWorld (x2), AnDevCon, and EclipseCon.

Netflix: The Social Dilemma

Stanford ETL - On M&A

Twitter Flight 2015 - Keynote

Twitter Flight 2014 - Keynote

Draper University - Startup Journey

SVB CEO Summit - Lessons Learned

Behind the Camera

I love documentary film and am honored to be involved in a number of landmark projects in partnership with Jeff Orlowski's Exposure Labs. Check out Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated Chasing Ice (2014), Netflix-acquired Chasing Coral (2017), and Frame by Frame (2015).




In the Bottle

In recent years, I've become fascinated by the wine industry and its growing intersection with technology. I'm pleased to be a founding partner at ONE HOPE, which is pioneering social good wine, and I'm working on a number of projects to bring better data to the wine world.

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Jeff Seibert is an experienced serial-entrepreneur and active angel investor.

His current focus is Digits, which he co-founded in 2018 with the mission of delivering modern, intelligent, real-time finance tools for business owners.

Jeff previously served as Twitter's Head of Consumer Product and led the company's product efforts across Twitter for iOS, Android and the Web, as well as its Developer and Data platforms.

Jeff was the co-founder and CEO of Crashlytics, an award-winning mobile crash-reporting service that's installed on over 5 Billion active smartphones worldwide. Crashlytics was acquired by Twitter in 2013 and then re-acquired by Google in 2017 and has become the de-facto crash reporting solution for both iOS and Android.

Jeff previously co-founded Increo in 2007 and served as COO until its acquisition by Box in 2009. At Box, he became the Engineering Manager for Desktop Sync and Mobile, and he founded the company's East Coast R&D office in Boston.

Seibert gained experience at Apple in both engineering and marketing capacities and led Stanford University's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders seminar series as Co-Coordinator. He was selected as a Mayfield Fellow in 2007 and received a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2008.

Seibert is a frequent presenter on both entrepreneurship and technical topics and has lectured at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Tufts, as well as keynoted Twitter Flight, AppsWorld, AnDevCon, EclipseCon, and others. Find him on Twitter at @JeffSeibert.